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At a young age I already developed a passion for jewelry through my mother’s and grandmother's love for beautiful gems. After a career in the luxury sector for several years at companies such as the KaDeWe group, Tamara Comolli and Tiffany & Co. I followed my passion and decided to build my own jewelry brand. In 2021 I launched Desiree Sielaff Fine Jewelry. I thrive in designing emotional and timeless pieces suitable for any occasion in life. My designs distinguish themselves from others because they transmit my own personal message.

As the symbol of my brand you will find a swallow engraved in every piece. The swallow serves as a sign of freedom, hope and affinity and is a reflection of my own hope and joy in life that I learned to embrace when I had to face sudden unexpected challenges at a young age. During this time, I received a ring from my father that conveys a very personal meaning for me.

The pieces I design have the intention of giving the owner the same precious and meaningful feeling. The designs focus on colorful, vibrant and harmonic gemstone combinations as these account for the beauty of my jewelry and make them positive everyday pieces.